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How to Contribute

How to contribute to Psybernetika is simple.

Save your Microsoft WORD, MACWORD, or WORDPERFECT file as text-only, using the extension ".txt" or as a Rich Text Formatted (RTF) file with the extension ".rtf" and drop off or mail a MACINTOSH, IBM, or IBM clone disk to

Randal Tonks,
Editor of Psybernetika,
Department of Psychology,
Camosun College,
Victoria, B.C.,
Canada. V8P 5J2.

Alternatively, you can e-mail your file to the editor at:

If you have access to an html editor, or if you know your html commands, or even if you want to learn html commands, then go to VIEW/ Document-Source on the netscape (webserver) menu above and see the html command highlighted around the text for this or other Psybernetika files and then simply insert these commands into your file prior to sending it in to Psybernetika. There is also a comprehensive list of html commands at A Beginner's Guide to HTML where you can learn these commands.